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Comprehensive range of DTL-38999 Series I & Series II and *LT & 8T series built to comply to MIL Spec standards to address extreme compact conditions
Wide range of standard backshells to protect Mil-spec connectors and customisation are available.
Flexible highly flame-retardant polyolefin tubing. UL and CSA recognized and marked.
Use in Military, Electrical and Electronic Harness Applications.
H4 PV Connector carries more amps than the industry standard connector. Meets the NEC 2008/2011 standard “and available in 3 different gauges: AWG14 (2.5 mm²), AWG12 (4 mm²), AWG10 (6
Cannon’s MIL-DTL-24308 Qualified D-Subminiature offers a ruggedised interconnect solution that transfers data, power, and signal in a small, weight-saving design.
Highly reliable connectors design with patented unique self-locking mechanism for performance in extremely harsh environment and high vibration applications.
Over 3 decades of highly reliable performance in many field-proven applications.
High quality 300 dpi print head for heavy duty industrial applications.
Ergonomic Manual Tensioning and Cutting Tool for Plastic Ties up to 4.8 mm strap width.
Available for board to board, board to wire, and wire to wire.
New generation of high voltage tester easy to operate and reliable high voltage cable testing.

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