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Souriau – EN2997


It’s not easy to handle System Integration Tasks, but an Integrated Solution will be helpful.

SOURIAU developed a wide range of PCB contacts that can be fitted into EN2997 connectors, approved Design for HARSH ENVIRONMENTS.

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Souriau – JMX series

JMX Series

Sometimes we wish a great solution, it could make site operations as simple as possible.

In the dark environments without visibility, JMX helps workers to complete tasks smoothly and correctly.

Who is using it?
Customers from Medical, Instrumentation and Measurement applications, and more…

Not only the feature of easy Push-Pull latch, JMX also designed with waterproof IP68 in mated and unmated conditions.
PLUS Short term (autoclaving): Resistance up to +134°C

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Souriau-JMX series
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Souriau-UTL series

Designed for Smart Agriculture.

Designed and qualified according to the UL1977 and IEC61984 standards, the UTL connector series offers a 5VA flammability rating, hot wire, and current breaking capacity to meet all standards of industrial equipment.

the UTL series has push and press to release coupling system which allows you to connect quickly, even in blind conditions and secured connection due to an audible click which guarantees the proper connection.

The UTL is compliant with RS485, DMX and DALI protocols which guarantee to you an easy implementation of the connector on your electrical architecture.

A Power + Control Solution, let us know your needs.

Souriau - UTL series
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