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MEDs Interconnect is an authorised distributor and channel partner of Amphenol Military & Aerospace (AMAO) and Amphenol Industrial Products Group (AIPG) for the Southeast Asia (SEA) region covering countries from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia.  We offer a comprehensive range of interconnect systems and solutions from connectors, wire harness accessories and cable assembly targeting the following verticals:

  1. Amphenol Military & Aerospace (AMAO) specialises in the Aerospace Defence Military (ADM) segment. As the distributor for Amphenol (AMAO), we offer a wide spectrum of high reliabilities connectors which comprise of Circular, Rectangular, backplane, D-Shape, and harness accessories like Backshell uses for harsh environments and applications including vibration, pressure, humidity, nuclear radiation, and severe temperature changes which meet the various MIL-Spec, SAE standards.
  2. Amphenol Industrial Products Group (AIPG) – offers a broad range of industrial connectors including Circular, Heavy-Duty Rectangular, D-Shape, Audio, Automotive, Solar, High Power, PCB & Din-Rail terminal, and harness accessories such as heat shrinkable tubes, wiring terminal – meeting target segment and applications from Energy (Solar, Storage (ESS)), Electric Vehicle (EV), Automation, Transportation – Rail & Heavy Equipment, to Oil & Gas.
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