Adaptronic NT 700-5

The NT 700-5 is the test unit for e-mobility HV-cable harness test suitable for mixed matrix operation up to 6000 VDC / 5000 VAC.

Product Features & Specifications:

  • Measurement equipment fulfilling the requirements of test norm LV123
  • Compact design: 25 RU cabinet on rolls
  • Ideal hardware and software features for the use with test tables
  • Comfortable test system operation and programming through NT Control
  • Individual test reporting with printer, in data file or database
  • Ability for software connection to custom specific MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
  • Maximum flexibility and cost efficiency due to free compilation of up to three voltage classes and their associated test points (Mixed Matrix)
    • Voltage level 1: Low voltage
    • Voltage level 2: High voltage max. 4670 VDC / 3300 VAC
    • Voltage level 3: High voltage max. 6000 VDC / 5000 VAC
  • Four-wire measurement from 100 µOhm for shield and wire resistance (optional)
  • Function test editor (optional)