AX Mini Waterproof Box

AX Waterproof enclosure box is feature as a versatile – plug and play and reusable waterproof enclosure box suitable for multiple application. The rigidity of soft insulated can reach 4 mm2. The box is pre-filled with gel suitable for submersible installations (IPX8) and it is also non-toxic and no shelf life. The box is small, compact and strong, comes with 3 different sizes and the material is Halogen free and UV resistance.

Designed for lighting applications, including box wiring, lighting wiring, electric clothes hanger, etc.

Technical Data:

应用/Apply: GEI EN 50393
Shape dimensions:
L x W x H (mm)
AX01 - 41*28*19
AX02 - 45*37*24
AX03 - 53*39*24
Internal fit dimensions:
L x W x H (mm)
AX01 - 21*13*15
AX02 - 27*21*15
AX03 - 39*21*15
Wire range: 4mm² max
Ingress Protection: IPX8
Glue: UL94-HB
Rated Voltage: IEC 50393 0.6/ 1KV
Material: Halogen-free
Operating temperature: -40℃ to +90℃




Brand MPN Descriptions
Amphenol Anytek AX0100x00000G AX 01 series, Small size
Amphenol Anytek AX0200x00000G AX 02 series, Medium size
Amphenol Anytek AX0300x00000G AX 03 series, Large size

AX01 series
AX02 series
AX03 series