Cirris CH2 Harness Tester

The Cirris CH2 is the most cable tester for complex assemblies. The system is controlled by the Easy-Wire® software and can be expanded up to 100,000 test points in 160-point increments. The Base Unit and each Expansion Scanner Chassis can accommodate up to five 160-point scanners (800 test points max. per chassis). The Easy-Wire® software can be installed under the Windows® operating system (versions 8.1 or 10).

MPN MPN Descriptions
CCH2-BU CH2 Base Unit with Easy-Wire s/w, (holds up to 5 scanners)
CCH2-SC CH2 Expansion Scanner Chassis (holds up to 5 scanners)
CCH2-HA CH2 160-Point Test-Point Scanner
PLM-CH2 Palm Safety Switches for CH2
ADCS-C2 CH2 Connector Saver / Quick Connect (covers 1 scanner)
SIO-EW Virtual I/O Option for Easy-Wire
SCPT-EW Scripting Option for CH2
PCHK-C2 CH2 Performance Check Kit
RPWR-PT 12V Power Supplies, allows earth grounded points (set of 2)
KRM1-C2 CH2 Rack Mount Kit for Standard 19” Electronics Cabinet
KRM2-C2 CH2 Rack Mount Kit for Custom 80/20 Rack
PCHK-C2 Performance Check Kit CH2

Product Features & Specifications:

  • Process optimisation by reduction of cycle times and track occupation time
  • Reduction of serial production costs
  • Verifiable coverage of the relevant standards, e.g. DIN EN 50343 /EN 50155
  • Reduction of the adapter cable lengths up to 70%
  • Various configurations and setups from CH2 Energization Box, CH2 Advance Instructions, CH2 Adapter Panel System and CH2 XHV – 1500 VAC Test System


CH2 High Voltage Electrical Cable and Harness Tester