Cirris CR Harness Tester

The Cirris CR harness tester is a build-aid and low voltage tester for complex harness assemblies with multiple connectors. The compact size of the tester means it can be set on the corner of a workstation, mounted on the back of a harness board, or distributed around the device to be tested. Driven by the powerful, PC-based Easy-Wire Software, the CR allows operators to view connector images with the target pin location.

MPN MPN Descriptions
CCRW-BU CR Base Unit with Easy-Wire Software (256 points)
CCRW-RA CR Scanner Add On (256 points each)
CCRW-BO Booster Add On (one needed after every 7 scanner add ons)
SIO-EW Virtual I/O Software for Easy-Wire®
SCPT-EW Scripting Option for Easy-Wire CR
PCHK-CR Performance Check Kit CR

Product Features & Specification:

  • Guided Assembly – On-screen connector images, fixturing LEDs, and audible prompts can guide operators and alert them of errors when they occur.
  • End-of-line Testing – If errors exist, guide prompts and Which-End error detection quickly helps operators in finding and solving issues.
  • Compact – Small and lightweight.
  • Expandable – Scale from 256 to 32,000 test points.
  • Distributable Test Points – Keep all test points together or distribute them around the device to test to reduce fixturing length.
  • Cost-Efficient – Minimal impact on budget with maximum gain on efficiency and quality.
  • Easy Test Setup – Easy-Wire® Software on a PC automates test program creation.
  • Smart-Lights® Capable – Compatible with Cirris Smart-Lights for quick setup.
  • Effective Reporting – Test reports can be customised for organisation and understanding.
  • PC Based – Provides Easy-Wire Software control. Supports barcode scanners and local Windows network printers as needed.


CR Harness Tester