• Space-saving M/C pursuing functionality and cost.
  • Crimp to soldering based on CPR-ZERO.
  • Wire size – AWG#28~#14.

Product Features:

  • Single-end crimp to soldering - 3,000 pcs/hr (1.2 sec/pc)
  • Compact size pre-feeder location on side of machine. Improving working conditions
  • By single-end seal insertion unit as option, it will utilize for large use as WPH (Option)
  • Crimp camera installation available (Option)


Functions Wire measuring and cutting, Dual-end strip, Strip depth, Pull-back strip depth, Dual-end half strip, Side 1: crimp (Crimp height, Sinking mechanism), Crimp position adjustment, Side 2: Twist, flux, Solder, Solder wire and flux supply unit (Solder wire: Ø1.0 mm – Ø1.2 mm), Escape mode, Jogging
Capacity Crimp to strip: 0.9 sec/pc (Length 100 mm 4,000 pcs/hr.)
Crimp to twist and solder: 1.2 sec/pc (Length 100 mm, Strip length 3 mm, Soldering length 2 mm, 3,000 pcs/hr.)
Wire size 0.08 – 2.0 mm2 (AWG#28 - #14, Wire outer diameter Ø0.4 mm – Ø3.4 mm)
Wire cutting length Crimp to solder: 35 – 20, 000 mm (0.1 mm increment) ※ Min length changes according to processing conditions.
Seal insertion and crimp to solder: 70 – 20,000 mm (0.1 mm increment)
Wire cutting accuracy Below 100 mm: 0.5 mm+ (Wire cutting length x 0.002), 100 mm and above: 1.0 mm+ (Wire cutting length x 0.002)
Strip/Twisting/Soldering length Strip length Side 1: 1.0 – 10.0 mm, Side 2: 1.0 – 20.0 mm Twisting length: 2.0 – 20.0 mm, Soldering length: 1.0 – 20.0 mm (0.1 mm increment) ※ The capacity changes according to the working conditions
Strip depth Max adjustment 3 mm (300 steps: 0.01 mm/step) with pull back mechanism
Crimp capacity 21.500N (2.2TON equivalent)
Servo press
Detectors Wire run-out, Wire overload, Laser type detector for strip error, Terminal run-out, Terminal overload, Crimp error, Abnormal solder temperature, Laser type detector for solder level, Optical fibre sensor for flux level, Low air pressure
Power source 3 phase AC200V±20V 50/60Hz 8A
Compressed air 0.5Mpa (5kgf/cm2) Approx. 140NL/min (Use clean dry air)
Dimensions 920W x 800D x 1,435H
Approx. 455kg
Options Wire reel stand, Belt conveyor, Conversion KIT for other manufacturer’s APL, Carrier-strip cutter, Signal tower, Wire joint detector, Terminal paper winding device, Crimp force monitor, End type terminal supply, Side 1 only (Solder unit, Seal unit, Crimp camera, Low terminal potion reel stand), Solder change unit (Solder bath, Oxide film remover)