• Space-saving M/C pursuing functionality & cost Improved workability.
  • Dual-End Seal insertion and crimp based on CPR-ZERO.
  • Wire size – AWG#22~#14.

Product Features & Specifications:


  • Dual-end seal insertion and crimp.
  • High volume output - 2,500 pcs/hr (1.4 sec/pc) (Seal to seal insertion).
  • Reduction in space and burden for operator because of pre-feeder on the side of machine.
  • Compact size pre-feeder location on side of machine. Improving working conditions.
  • Single-end soldering available by one-touch control (Option: Side 1).
  • Crimp camera installation available (Option).


Functions Wire measuring and cutting. Dual-end strip, Strip depth, Pull-back strip depth, Dual-end half strip, Dual-end crimp (Sink Unit), Crimp positioning, Dual-end seal insertion, Jogging
Capacity Crimp to crimp 0.9 sec/pc (Length 35 mm 4,000 pcs/hr), Seal to seal insertion 1.4 sec/pc (Length 70mm 2,500 pcs/hr). Twist and soldering to crimp 1.9 sec/pc (Length 50mm. Strip length 3mm. Soldering length 3 mm. 1,890 pcs/hr)
Wire size 0.3~2.0 mm2 (Wire outer diameter Ø1.4 mm~ Ø3.4 mm)
Wire cutting length Crimp to crimp 35~20,000 mm. Seal to seal insertion 70~20,000 (0.1 mm increment). Twist and soldering to crimp 35~20,000 mm (No.1 strip length 1mm) * Min length changes according to processing conditions
Cutting length accuracy Less than 100 mm 0.5 mm+(Wire cutting length x 0.002), More than 100 mm 1.0 mm+(Wire cutting length x 0.002)
Strip length No.1: 1.0~10.0 mm, No.2: 1.0~17.0mm
Strip depth Max adjustment 3 mm (300 steps: 1 step: 0.01 mm) with pull-back mechanism
Crimp capacity 21,500N (2.2TON equivalent) Servo press x 2 with ACH
Detectors Wire run-out, Wire overload, Strip error for laser type, Terminal presence, Terminal overload, Crimp error, Low air pressure
Power source 3 phase AC200V±20V 50/60Hz 16A
Compressed air 0.5Mpa (5kgf/cm2) Approx. 100NL/min (Use clean dry air)
Dimensions 920W x 800D x 1,450H Approx. 580kg
Options Wire reel stand. Conversion KIT for other manufacturer’s APL, no carrier strip cut off, Signal tower, Wire joint detector, Terminal paper winding device, Crimp force monitor, Solder unit, Crimp camera, FX ASY, etc.