• Improving the quality of double crimp by semi-automatic instead of manual crim.
  •  Wire size – AWG#22~#14.

Product Features & Specification:


  • Set-up for Strip length, Strip depth, Crimping position, and timing is possible through the Operation panel.
  • Also, usable as a manual crimp machine.
  • Preparing options, such as crimp force monitor and manual APL changer.


Model CSD01-M
Functions Strip, Strip depth, Pull-back strip depth, Half strip, Strip error detector (NSDE), Crimp (Sink unit), Double Crimp, Crimp position, Crimp height, Jogging
Capacity Double crimp 2.9 sec/set (1,240 set/hr.)
Wire size 0.3~2.0 mm2 (AWG#22~#14)
Wire cutting length More than 200 mm
Applicable applicator J.A.M applicator    End-type: AE30/31, AE70/71,   Side-type: AS40/41, AS80/81
Strip length 2.0~7.0 mm
Strip depth Max. adjustment 4.0 mm  (200-step: 1 step: 0.02 mm) with pullback
Crimp capacity 39.200N (4Ton equivalent)   Servo press x 1 unit
Power source 3 phase AC200V±20V 50/60Hz 20A
Compressed air 0.55Mpa (5kgf/cm2) Approx. 100NL/min (Use clean dry air)
Dimensions 850W x 650D x 1,770H   Approx. 380kg
Options Terminal presence, Terminal overload, Terminal paper winding, End-side combination reel stand, Crimp force monitor (CFM), Transport clamp pressure programmable change, Manual APL changer, Signal tower, Dust box for strip chips, Press safety switch, Safety cover, etc.


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