Data and Bus Cable

Alpha Essentials Data & Bus cables offer industry-leading mechanical and electrical performance for the major industrial automation protocols, including ControlNet™, RS-485, DeviceNet™, Fieldbus, PROFIBUS™, and Industrial Twinax. With multiple configurations, we are sure to meet the needs of your demanding applications.

ControlNet™ Cable

  • Low-loss RG-6/U 75-ohm coaxial cable
  • Double braid/foil shielding for maximum signal integrity and run length

RS-485 Cable

  • 1 to 4 pairs
  • Braid/foil shield to reduce electrical noise sensitivity
  • UL Type PLTC Open Wiring (300 V)
  • Sunlight resistant

DeviceNet™ Cable

  • Power and data in a rugged two-pair cable
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Available for ODVA thick and thin trunks
  • Compliant with Allen-Bradley part numbers 1485 CPI-A and 1485 CPI-C

Fieldbus and PROFIBUS™ Cable

  • 100-ohm impedance for Types A and B Fieldbus
  • 150-ohm impedance for High-Speed Fieldbus and PROFIBUS DP

Industrial Twinax Cable

  • Meets the requirements of Allen-Bradley Data Highway Networks

Data and Bus Cable