Micro-D Connectors

AirBorn’s M-Series Micro D microminiature connectors are designed for mission-critical applications where high-density and high-reliability is a necessity. Ideally suited for demanding applications, the M-Series connector product line has been utilized industry wide for over 30 years in various applications ranging from Avionics, Civil Craft, Deep-Sea Exploration, Geophysical, Helicopter, Medical Devices, Navigation, Radar, Communications, Engine Control Systems and more. The field proven Micro D connector line has the largest array of termination, configuration, mounting & hardware options available in the marketplace today. With its rugged & reliable four points of contact for trusted connections every time, the M-Series connect line is available in I/O, straight, right-angle & SMT board-mount models.

Product Features:

  • Contact rating 3 amperes max
  • Wire size AWG24 to 28
  • Operating temp -55 to +125°C
  • Contact pitch of 0.05”
  • Layout from 9 to 100
  • Gold plate per ASTM for Contact Finish
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • Wire-to-Board, Board-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire solution
  • Panel mountable
  • 0.050" (1.27mm) contact spacing
  • 1, 2, 3 & 4 row options
  • 9-128 contacts
  • Straight, right-angle, I/O & connector saver models
  • MIL-DTL-83513 qualification

Military Spec MIL-DTL-83513

AirBorn's M-Series Micro D connectors meet or exceed MIL-83513 performance specifications. Our rugged, mission critical connectors are available in a variety of configurations.

NASA EEE-INST-002 Testing

To meet NASA’s requirements, AirBorn offers this guide to selection, screening, qualification, and derating of Micro D products.


The M-Series product is M83513-compliant.

Military Part Number Cross-Reference Catalog Pages

Military Specifications Airborn Catalog Page(s)
M83513/01, M83513/02 CTMA020
M85313/03 CTMA020, CTMA021, CTMA022
M83513/04 CTMA022, CTMA023, CTMA024, CTMA025
M83513/05, M83513/06, M83516/07 CTMA025
M83513/08 CTMA025, CTMA026
M83513/09 CTMA026
M83513/10 CTMA026, CTMA027, CTMA028
M83513/11, M83513/12 CTMA028
M83513/13 CTMA028, CTMA029, CTMA030
83513/14, M83513/15 CTMA030
M83513/16 CTMA030, CTMA031
M83513/17, M83513/18 CTMA032
M83513/19 CTMA032, CTMA033
M83513/20 CTMA033, CTMA034
M83513/21 CTMA034
M83513/22 CTMA034, CTMA035
M83513/23 CTMA035
M83513/24 CTMA036
M83513/25 CTMA036, CTMA037
M83513/26 CTMA037
M83513/27 CTMA037, CTMA038
M83513/28 CTMA038, CTMA039
M83513/29, M83513/30 CTMA039
M83513/31 CTMA040, CTMA041
M83513/32, M83513/33 CTMA041
M83513/24 CTMA036

Hardware and Contact Components

Military Part No. AirBorn Part No. Description Catalog Page(s)
M83513/05-02 00-000-000-000-4100 #2-56 Jackscrew, Allen Head CTMA005
M85313/05-03 00-000-000-000-4200 #2-56 Jackscrew, Allen Head (Long) CTMA005
M83513/05-05 00-000-000-000-4300 #2-56 Jackscrew, Slot Head CTMA005
M83513/05-06 00-000-000-000-4400 #2-56 Jackscrew, Slot Head (Long) CTMA005
M83513/05-07 00-000-000-000-2200 #2-56 Jackpost CTMA005
M83513/05-12 00-000-000-000-8100 #4-40 Jackscrew, Allen Head CTMA005
M83513/05-13 00-000-000-000-8200 #4-40 Jackscrew, Allen Head (Long) CTMA005
M83513/05-15 00-000-000-000-8300 #4-40 Jackscrew, Slot Head CTMA005
M83513/05-16 00-000-000-000-8400 #4-40 Jackscrew, Slot Head (Long) CTMA005
M83513/05-17 00-000-000-000-6200 #4-40 Jackpost CTMA005

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