N5600 Series 2D Scan Engines

Built on an industry-leading imaging platform and featuring Adaptus imaging technology 6.0, the N5600 Series delivers an entirely new level of barcode and OCR font reading performance with unmatched speed and accuracy. At the heart of the system is a new, proprietary, imaging sensor, the world’s first designed specifically for optimum barcode reading. With an advanced illuminating design, this unique sensor captures images for barcode decoding with exceptional motion tolerance. The patented colour option captures colour images without sacrificing barcode reading performance. Adaptus 6.0 also includes a completely revamped software architecture. It leads the industry in its ability to decode hard-to-read barcodes.

The N5600 Series can meet a wide range of application requirements, with superior built-in versatility with various available options. The N5600 Series is available as imagers with either a hardware decoder for easy integration or a licensed software decoder for space- and power-constrained applications such as mobile terminals. Backed by Honeywell’s expert OEM integration support, and proven quality and reliability, the N5600 Series packs tremendous value to OEM customers by providing a best-in-class data capture solution, reducing development investment, and decreasing total ownership costs.

Product Features:

Features Adaptus 6.0 imaging technology: Provides fast, accurate reading of barcodes and OCR fonts with best-in-class range and extraordinary motion tolerance, even on hard-to-read codes.

Mobile ready: Can easily read barcodes directly from mobile device screens.

Available colour option: This eliminates the need for a separate camera. Features patented colour imaging technology for capturing signatures, packages, license plates, and ID cards.

High visibility laser aiming option: Ensures crisp and accurate targeting, even in bright sunlight.