Rear Panel Mount M12 Receptacle Cabling With Pre-terminated Leads

Allows for a waterproof quick-disconnect into a cabinet. The receptacle pushes through the enclosure from the rear and is secured with a locknut on the front (outside) of the enclosure. This allows leads to be pre-terminated to terminals, then pushed into the cut-out during final installation

Product Features:

  • M12 styles
  • 0.3m, 0.5m, 1m, 2m flying leads
  • PG9 mounting holes
  • Rear mount options
  • U.S. & IEC colour codes
  • No Minimums
  • Custom Capabilities Available

Cable Specification:

M12 Connectors, with 0.5 m Flying Leads

Style Poles Colour Code Part Number
Rear Mount Front Mount
Thermoplastic: PG9 Mounting Holes
Female 4 IEC 301ACR 301ACF
5 U.S. 303DCF
5 IEC 304ACR 304ACF
Male 4 IEC 300DCR 300DCF
5 IEC 302DCR 302DCF


Supported Applications:

  • Industrial factories where robust and watertight quick-connect applications. Used primarily on control panel
  • Industrial machines

M12 Cordset
Panel Mount Receptacles (Front and Rear) with pre-determine leads