Rectangular Connectors – R Series

R-Series interconnects are a field-proven technology that have stood the test of time, performing consistently in mission-critical applications. The R-Series offers the largest array of termination, configuration, mounting & hardware options available on the market today. With a rugged & reliable contact design, R-Series connectors can be trusted to perform every time, especially in extreme environments.

Product Features:

  • 0.075" (1.905mm) contact spacing
  • 2, 3, 4 & 6 row options
  • 10-604 contacts
  • Field-proven, flight-heritage technology used in Space Shuttles & Mars Rovers
  • Straight, right-angle, card-edge, I/O & connector saver models
  • 4 reliable points-of-contact
  • MIL-DTL-55302 qualification

Connector Options:

  • High Temp connectors available for demanding applications
  • #2-56 Jacking hardware available: superior mating performance
  • #38 gauge wire for super space efficiency


AirBorn's R Series meets the military specification M55302. AirBorn is QPL for /190, 191, 192 and 193. The R Series has been used in a variety of military and aerospace applications where rugged, on-demand performance is required.

Multi Application Connectors

R-Series connectors offer a diverse range of high-density, high-reliability connector options for use in tough, mission-critical designs. Ideal for avionics, space exploration, GPS, deep-sea exploration applications and more. Available in I/O, connector saver, SMT, straight and right-angle board-mount models.


The R-Series product is M55302-compliant.

Military Part Number Cross-Reference Catalog Pages

Military Specifications AirBorn Part No. Catalog Page(s)
M55302/190L RM222 CTR036
M55302/192L RM322 CTR036
M55302/191 RM252 CTR036
M55302/193 RM352 CTR036

R Series Catalogue