Sumitube Solder Termination Sleeve (STS)

Sumitomo STS solder termination sleeves provide the most reliable means of terminating a wide variety of coaxial cable types. In addition, they can be used for wire-to-wire or wire-to-pin style connections and even on triaxial cable assemblies. It solders, seals, insulates, and strains relieve critical connections in one simple step. STS devices are available for low and high-temperature cables ad come in a range of sizes, with or without preinstalled wires or braided conductors.

STS products have a long history of use in a variety of areas ranging from commercial aircraft and military aerospace & defence to high-volume commercial applications.

Built to stringent standards including SAE-AS83519 and NAS 1744, 1745 & 1746. Comply to AS83519/1 &  AS83519/2 industry specifications, and selected model also MIL MS83519 QBL listed product. High operating temperature 125°C to 175°C.

Cable Specification:

150°C Operating Temperature STS

Size Cable OD Range No Pre-installed Wire
Inches Manufacturer MPN AS (MIL)
1 0.20-0.105 H-M-1 M83519/1-1
2 0.30-0.145 H-M-2 M83519/1-2
3 0.50-0.200 H-M-3 M83519/1-3
4 0.70-0.255 H-M-4 M83519/1-4
5 0.100-0.300 H-M-5 M83519/1-5


175°C High Operating Temperature STS - RoHS

Size Cable OD Range No Pre-installed Wire
Inches Manufacturer MPN
1 0.20-0.105 H-HC-1
2 0.30-0.145 H-HC-2
3 0.50-0.200 H-HC-3
4 0.70-0.255 H-HC-4
5 0.100-0.300 H-HC-5

Typical STS Construction Details:

Installation Instructions: