UTP Series

The UTP series is a circular plastic connector which is suitable for industrial applications. Connectors are compliant with major electrical IEC as well as UL standards to guarantee safe conditions for users and are designed for IP65 sealing level applications.

UTP series has 1/3 bayonet coupling system which allows you to connect quickly to the system.

Within the UTP series a large choice of layouts, shells and contact types provides you the option to mix within the same connector signal and power or copper and optics.
The UTP series offers a complete catalog of accessories from backshells to caps to propose a complete interconnect solution.

UTP connectors use are fully compatible with UTS and UTG series, that provides you the possibility to switch from a series to another without tool or panel cut-out modifications.

Now your product upgrade is easier, faster and without additional costs!

Product Features:

  • Operating temperature range: -40° + 105°C
  • Sealing: IP65
  • Rapid and secure locking
  • Intermateable and interchangeable with UTO, UTG and UTS series
  • Standard: UL94V0 & IEC
  • RoHS and REACH

Connector type Shell size Contacts number Part number
Male insert Female insert
Cable plug 10 4 UTP6104P UTP6104S
UTP6103P UTP6103S
12 8 UTP6128P UTP6128S
2 + ground UTP6122G1P UTP6122G1S
14 12 UTP61412P UTP61412S
16 19 UTP61619P UTP61619S
18 23 UTP61823P UTP61823S
6 + ground UTP6187P UTP6187S
20 28 UTP62028P UTP62028S
22 35 UTP62235P UTP62235S
24 48 UTP62448P UTP62448S
Panel mounting receptacle 10 4 UTP0104P UTP0104S
UTP0103P UTP0103S
12 8 UTP0128P UTP0128S
2 + ground UTP0122G1P UTP0122G1S
14 12 UTP01412P UTP01412S
16 19 UTP01619P UTP01619S
18 23 UTP01823P UTP01823S
6 + ground UTP0187P UTP0187S
20 28 UTP02028P UTP02028S
22 35 UTP02235P UTP02235S
24 48 UTP02448P UTP02448S