Vuquest™ 3300g Barcode Scan Module

Vuquest 3330g OEM 2D imager offers aggressive scanning of all 1D and 2D barcodes. And we built its durable, flexible form factor to accelerate integration into your solutions. Designed for OEM fixed mount and kiosk integrations, the 3330g imager is easy to install onto a bracket, available with multiple interfaces, and supports presentation mode scanning. These capabilities make the Vuquest 3330g imager easy to tailor to your environment. And our TotalFreedom software plug-ins expand the capabilities of the imagers to include OCR capture and reading, driving license parsing, and boarding pass scanning. The 3330g imager is ready for ever-changing data capture needs. It can be incorporated into your design as a 1D-only device, and then affordably upgraded to 2D scanning at any time. This upgradeability freedom protects your investment and can extend your product lifecycles, allowing you to match new market and customer requirements without costly redesigns.

Product Features:

Easy to install, flexible, and upgradeable: Vuquest 3330g imager is the ideal OEM imager for your fixed-mount solution.

Features Aggressive scanning: Superior 1D and 2D barcode reading performance, whether on paper or mobile phone screens.

Safe, LED-based aimer: Eliminates any risk of eye injury. Ideal for customer-facing environments where customers use the barcode scanner themselves.

Compact and flexible to your needs: Compact size, multiple interfaces and ease of mounting make 3330g flexible to fit your design requirements.

Start with 1D, upgrade to 2D later: Protect your investment and extend your product lifecycles - incorporate the 3330g into your design as a 1D-only device, then affordably upgrade to 2D scanning at any time.

Remote management saves time and money: Simplify support needs and enjoy the reduced total cost of ownership by remotely managing installed devices.

Potential Applications

  • Designed to read barcodes directly off mobile phone screens ̵1: ideal for customer-facing applications such as OEM fixed mount and kiosk integrations.

3300 Datasheet